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You Can Watch My Evolution As I (Hopefully) Shatter Old Limiting Beliefs For Free As I Live-Stream My Trading Sessions On FaceBook and YouTube...

But If You Are Here, You Have Been Invited To A FREE All-Access Back Stage Pass To Watch My Trading As It Unfolds In Real Time With Some Extra Bonuses!

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  • Daily Recaps: Each Day, I will review my day on camera, including tracking my progress through my trading journal
  • Financial Tallies: See exactly where I am financially in the Evolution as I tally up all evaluation/reset/licensing fees, current Demo Account and/or Funded Account Balance, and All Payout Updates (Cash In The Bank) 
  • Access To All Historical Recaps: Go back at any time and review all recaps and journals from Day 1

FREE Back Stage Access

Simply enter your name and email below and you will get access to all recaps and updates as they happen in real time.  

While I hope you benefit in many ways by watching my evolution unfold in real time, this is not to be construed as financial or trading advice. Trading involves risk - see "Risk Disclosure" link in the footer for more information.

I'm no trading expert - I am not teaching anyone HOW to trade. There are tons of people who are great at that, and I can direct you to my favorite if you'd like... But as for me, I'm battling my own demons when it comes to trading psychology, and earning my way to trading profits just like anyone else...

I'm you

  • Maybe I'm you from a few years ago, before your trading took off.
  • Perhaps I'm you now - you've learned a few things, but can't quite put money in the bank trading yet.
  • Or maybe I'm future you,​ just a few steps ahead - you know trading could be a great option, you're just not sure what the next step is for you.

Wherever you are in your own evolution, I hope that having the ability watch me go through mine motivates or inspires you to experience yours, and if nothing else, it should be fun!

Inspirational story or train wreck? Time will tell...
There's only one way to find out!

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